Crème de Cafe

Coffee brewing boils down to basic concepts: percolation and maceration. The first allows water to flow through an aggregate of ground coffee, the latter is our method of choice. After soaking ground coffee in water and extracting its pleasant, typical sour aroma, we add vanilla and cacao to give this liqueur its special flavour note. Finally, by adding a dash of cognac we bring in an old friend.

Signature cocktail

Crème de Menthe

Defining fresh, two natural flavours spring to mind: mint and citrus. For our Crème de Menthe we’ve used both ingredients, distilling lemon oil and the essence of crisp mint leaves. The result is this eye-catching green liqueur, bursting with mouth-tingling freshness. As you can see, this crème is all but creamy. The ‘crème’ in our Menthe only refers to the amount of sugar that we’ve used.

Signature cocktail


Hope you don’t mind, but we couldn’t be bothered colouring our Blueberry blue. The essence is in its taste. And guess what, we’ve managed to distil that essence in a unique liqueur. The strong, floral scent, the full-bodied taste, whatever characteristics you look for, all can be found in this bottle. Except for the blue. We never considered adding colour, for we like our berries honest and pure.

Signature cocktail

Crème de Bananes

Globally well over 100 billion bananas are consumed each year. And there’s a good reason for that. Not only do they contain all the nutrients you can think of, it’s also the only fruit certified to make you happy. Really, the amino acid in ripe bananas sends your serotonin levels through the roof. For this liqueur we used a distillate of top-grade, sugar spotted bananas. All to bring more joy.

Signature cocktail

Crème de Cassis

Used as an antidote for snakebites in the 16th century, blackcurrant liqueur has come a long way. Over the years the cordial has been refined, without losing its unique sweet taste. By carefully extracting European blackcurrants and blending the concentrate with natural juices and sweets, we fit the tradition. Our Crème de Cassis is as rich and red as it was 500 years ago, only it tastes better.

Signature cocktail

Blue Curacao

The essence of this liqueur is the Curaçao or Lahara fruit, famous for being inedibly bitter. Luckily, it is also incredibly useful in creating a distinctive liqueur. Having covered the ‘Curaçao’, what about the ‘blue’? Honestly, blue made this liqueur famous, but doesn’t do anything for the taste. For all we care, this might as well have been Clear Curaçao – no one would taste the difference.

Signature cocktail


Here’s something to remember: you can’t fake the taste of a ripe melon. People spend fortunes searching for the right formula, but obviously we prefer working with the real fruit. All-natural melons matured in abundant sunlight, bursting with juice and freshness. And once we’ve extracted their essence, we leave it at that. Just add some neutral spirits and done. That’s melon in its purest form.

Signature cocktail

Triple Sec

In bartending Triple Sec is a household name. The recipe dates back to the early 19th century and has been copied and altered ever since. We also took a shot at the infamous cocktail seasoning, pronouncing the citrus and prolonging the taste. By distilling the dried peels of sweet and bitter oranges, and mixing the two flavours meticulously together, we came up with this one of a kind liqueur.

Signature cocktail


You wouldn’t believe it, but of all fruits, the watermelon is probably the hardest nut to crack. It’s close to impossible to capture its fresh essence, but somehow we’ve managed to do just that. To cut a long story short, we replaced the water in watermelon with alcohol and the result is this bright red, juicy liqueur. Whatever aroma you look for in a ripe watermelon, you’ll find in this bottle.

Signature cocktail

Wild Strawberry

Voluptuous, vibrant, juicy and sweet, strawberries speak to the imagination. If not, they certainly speak to ours. Determined to trap the full strawberry sensation we set out to create a stunning cocktail ingredient. And guess what, wild strawberries work wonderfully well with alcohol. This liqueur not only oozes sweet strawberry out of every drop, it also hints at honey, cherry and fresh oranges.

Signature cocktail

Double Drop Shot

Dropshot, it’s black magic, real taste of liqorice.

Drop Shot

Dropshot, it’s black magic, real taste of liqorice.

Kwai Feh

The pure essence of fresh lychee fruit captured in a light, sweet, natural tasting liqueur. Perfect for all occasions, both as a cocktail and an afterdinner drink. To be used as a dressing for ice cream and lychee fruit.


Straight, on the rocks, or in a cocktail: Mandarine Napoléon conquers the night. Experience the impressive rich flavour of Sicilian mandarin oranges and exquisite brandy. Discover the nights of Mandarine Napoléon.


Crystal clear, light spirit, bursting with the taste of tree-ripe peaches. A perfect liqueur to mix anytime. Also, straight on ice over desserts. Peachtree is the exclusive white peach spirit, which offers the bartender many unique and exciting mixing opportunities. Crystal clear, light spirit, busting with the taste of tree-ripe peaches.

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